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Ted Hinderer, Quality Home Inspections

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Are you curious what kind of results are possible when you join Home Inspector Website Marketing? Check out what happened when Ted Hinderer of Quality Home Inspections decided he would give Home Inspector Website Marketing a chance to see if they could help him achieve his dreams in the home inspection business. 

A Little Bit Of Background On Ted’s Firm Before We Get Started…

  • The business is located in Middletown, DE.
  • Quality Home Inspections was started in 2005.
  • Ted started as a one-man shop, but with tremendous growth, has become a multi-inspector firm.  

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Here’s What He Wanted...

Ted was tired of working for someone else. He was looking to make a career change that would allow him the opportunity to gain time freedom. He chose the home inspection industry. He knew that he had the interpersonal skills to make his new firm successful, but he had no idea how to get customers.

Ted Shares The Most Troubling Struggles He Faced Before Joining Home Inspector Website Marketing…

“Hands down, my biggest struggle was trying to get my schedule full.

I was working for an HVAC wholesaler, in management at the time, and my son’s first t-ball game was on a Saturday. I was told by company management that I had to attend a business meeting at the time my son was playing ball.

I went to my boss and asked to be moved to the Monday meetings with non-management and my boss told me NO.

So, I walked into my office, called my wife, and asked her point-blank how she would feel if I gave my 2 weeks notice. We spoke for about 30 minutes and she said go ahead, I support you. At the end of that business day, I typed up my resignation and never looked back!

I was doing no more than 10 inspections a month when I quit the HVAC company. That was good, but I needed to get a lot more inspections consistently to keep my home inspection business open and provide the income I needed to support my family.” 

The Results:

“Again, I needed to get additional inspections more quickly than was happening on my own, so I went to Google and came across Home Inspector Website Marketing Inspector.

The very first thing Ken Compton told me probably 10 yrs ago was I can help you get more sales. I asked Ken about doing brochures and he told me don’t waste my money, and then he gave me a Savvy Inspector “marketing piece” and my sales increased the next month because of it.

Then I listened to Home Inspector Website Marketing Coaching Calls regularly and I started using the scratch-off coupons and I saw another monthly increase. Now I was excited!

In my first year in the home inspection business, I did about 50 Inspections. However, with the help of Home Inspector Website Marketing, I did 150 inspections in my second year and have enjoyed tremendous growth every year after that.

I will never forget this; It was 2008 and my accountant called me on the phone and she said I don’t know what you are doing but keep it up because you are generating a lot of inspections even through the recession.

In 2020, I did over 1,000 inspections and I am on pace in 2021 to exceed that number!” 

Ted Shares The Positive Benefits Of Being A Savvy Inspector Member…

“The biggest thing for me was a steady income. With Home Inspector Website Marketing’ help, I have built a business that is successful by using proven marketing strategies.

However, the most recent game-changer for me and my firm was when Beth Compton introduced me to Home Inspector Website Marketing’s, Done For You, Online Marketing Services. This was so sweet because home buyers are looking for inspectors online, but I didn’t know how to get them to call me. Once I learned about these online strategies, I knew that there is no way I could do all of the things it took to get new business for the internet.

I have also noticed we are picking up newer agents because of Home Inspector Website Marketing Done For You Service.” 

Why Would Ted Recommend Home Inspector Website Marketing To Other Home Inspectors…

“Without hesitation, I can say that after 16 years of operation, I know for a fact I wouldn’t be where I am today without the guidance of the Home Inspector Website Marketing Team.

Seriously, the investment in my Savvy Inspector education was worth every penny I spent and continue to spend to consistently keep my schedule full. The fact of the matter is, He Who Implements Wins, and that is true to this day.

Home Inspector Website Marketing has the best material and proven marketing strategies to get and keep a home inspector’s schedule full!”

Your Next Step…

Check Us Out Today To Learn How Home Inspector Website Marketing Can Help You Achieve Your Dreams As Well! 


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